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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What are Product Mockups and Why Create Them?

Product mockups in the art licensing industry are examples of what art looks like when placed on products (dishes, mugs, aprons, decorative flags, gift bags, clothing, etc.). The mockups can be art placed on actual products or can be created digitally with a computer.

Making mockups of your art takes time away from creating new art so that you may be reluctant to do them. But there are several reasons for making mockups. First, mockups are a great marketing tool because not all manufacturers have the vision to see your art on their products. Also your art will stand out from the competition when you have mockups and other artists don't. Second, it shows your professionalism in that you are willing to take the extra step. And third, if your art doesn't look stupendous/amazing/fantastic on the mockups maybe that art is wrong for that particular product or "gasp" it isn't good enough or suitable for licensing.


  1. I am just learning how to create my own mock-ups (thanks to your wonderful blog and TheArtLicensing Group on Yahoo!) Thank you SO much for all the invaluable info you present here on your blog!

  2. Hi Joan, How do you make a mockup for bedding, sheets and comforters?

  3. Hi Kimberly,
    I do digital mock-ups in Photoshop. Read my blog article "Photoshop Tip: Mockups - A Simple Method to Create Realistic Bedroom Linens & Curtains" - Note: Most manufacturers of bedroom linens purchase the designs for them outright or have in-house illustrators and do not license the designs from artists.