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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Art Licensing Editorial: Copyright Infringement of Artists Art Continues to Increase

More and more companies are producing popular products that consumers can enjoy at home while they are under COVID-19 lockdown.  For example, jigsaw puzzles and different kinds of paint-by-number kits are VERY popular during these difficult times. But, unfortunately many of the companies that produce these products use artist art without permission.  
Art licensing agent Suzanne Cruise informed me about a company* that is infringing on a lot of her artists art. Also, Facebook “Art of Licensing” members have been recently posting about paint-by-number companies and a jigsaw puzzle that are infringing on artists art.  Artists that have their art infringed on suggest that artists search these companies website to make sure that their art is not being infringed. And if it is, ask the companies to remove the art from their website. Some of these companies will remove the art. Sadly many companies ignore the requests.

* The name of the company that Suzanne Cruise found that was infringing on her artists art is Get Paint by Number.    

 • Information from artists about companies that infringe on artists art.

- Artist Bob Giordano comment on Facebook: "There are literally hundreds of these “companies” (ones that infringe on artists art) masquerading as Facebook pages and websites. POD allows them countless images without having to carry inventory. Search Santa or Cats for example on some of them, and get ready to leaf through 200 pages carrying 15-20 images per page. If you search one in detail, your wall will then show a handful of other pages offering the same product under another name. The pervasive products: Puzzles, Paint by #, Diamond Dot painting, Blankets & Throws, T-Shirts.

• Below is a list of more websites that is infringing on artists art. [from Facebook “Art of Licensing” member posts]

    - Hobby Painter

    - Painting Valley

    - Jigsaw Puzzles

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