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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Art Licensing: Photoshop Tip - Use Droplets to Save Time

Artists that use Adobe Photoshop may be aware that the Actions Command allows a person to do repetitive tasks by recording a series of commands that can be used for batch processing of files or for one image at a time. But they may not be aware that Photoshop makes it even easier to use Actions by creating droplet applications with those actions. A droplet is a mini application that can be saved anywhere on the computer or even shared with other artists that use the same or later version of Photoshop. When a single or group of images is dragged onto the droplet, the droplet launches Photoshop and starts applying the action to each of the images. This is a great way to speed up workflow and avoid boring tasks in doing the same repetitive steps on numerous images. Read "Creating Droplets" to learn more about droplet apps.

Droplets can be used to do repetitive tasks in numerous ways such as
1. Change the file(s) size and/or format.
2. Edit images (apply drop shadows, patterns, textures, text, etc.).
3. Place the copyright symbol and signature on the images.
4. Watermark the image(s).
5. Add image(s) to a contact info page for submission to manufacturers.
And of course, much more.

• Tutorials on creating actions and droplets
– Change Photoshop psd files to jpg
Read and view "Bulk Image Compression with Photoshop Droplets" (simple step-by-step tutorial and a video showing how to convert files with the Actions Command and droplet).

– Change file size
View "Create Droplet in Photoshop" (video on re-sizing images with the Actions Command and droplet).

– Add a copyright and signature to an image
View "Graphic watermark Photoshop tutorial" (video placing a signature on an image with the Actions Command and droplet. Hint: Also add the copyright symbol to your signature or printed name. And, if you wish add your contact information to the image.)

– Add a watermark to an image
View "Photoshop - Actions & Batch Processing" (video showing how to place a transparent watermark on an image with the Actions Command. Note: a droplet can be created for this action. Use the information from other tutorials to make a droplet.)

– Do multiple actions (resize an image, apply a watermark, and save it as a jpg file)
Read " How to create a droplet in Photoshop" (step-by-step tutorial on creating multiple actions with the Actions Command and droplet)

• Additional Information about actions and droplets
– Pausing an action
Sometimes when you are doing batch processing with the Actions Command, you need to pause the action. For instance, you may want to pause the action to change the title of the image on a submission page. To find out two ways you can pause the action, read "Can I have a Photoshop action pause itself to wait for user input?" That action can than be made into a droplet. When using the droplet, it will pause so that you can change the title with the text tool. And then, when you press Okay the action will continue.

– Problems with droplets
Droplets have been reported that they stop working when they were created with Photoshop CS3, or CS4, or CS5 and the Macintosh operating system was upgraded to Lion. To find out more and how to fix the problem, read "Droplets don't work | Photoshop CS5, CS4, CS3 | Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)".

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– “Software Tip: Resizing Multiple Images etc. via Batch Processing

– “Photoshop Tips: Improve Workflow with Photoshop Actions Command

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