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Monday, August 24, 2009

Art Licensing Audio CDs Available of CHA Seminars

Unfortunately, Surtex does not sell CDs of their seminars and the Licensing Show no longer sells them but CHA (Craft & Hobby Association) does. If you haven't attended CHA seminars, then you can at least purchase audio CDs of them. The yearly winter CHA show have seminars on many subjects such as marketing for retail shops, craft related, color trends, art licensing information, etc. CHA sells the sessions on CDs packaged by the year at $100 a pop ( In other words, you have to buy the entire package even if you are interested in only one of the sessions for that year. However, 2007 seminars and older are still available from the company that previously recorded the sessions ( and they can be purchased individually from them. Note: You are not losing too much in not buying the later years because in 2008 only a few sessions on art licensing were given and none in 2009.

I recommend listening to the following three sessions from iplayback. Even though these sessions were done several years ago, the information given are still right-on for todays market. The CDs are reasonably priced at $12.50 each.

Go to and search keywords such as licensing or trend forecasting for a list of all the available sessions with those titles. Search by the session number to get ordering information on my recommended sessions.

Session # 356 -D501: 2006 "Effective Marketing Strategies for the Art Licensing Business" by art director Joanne Fink. This session covers a lot of details on building art collections. Unfortunately you don't get the visuals to see examples of the art and collections but I still find it very useful.

Session #356-D503: 2006 "Tips of the Trade:Licensing Your Artwork in Different Industries" with art director Joanne Fink, illustrator BJ Lance, artist Carol Eldridge, agent Susan Cruise, Meryl Taylor from CR Gibson, and Ray Markow from Santa Barbara Designs. This is a great session that answers many art licensing questions by a well rounded panel of art licensing experts.

Session #357-S118: 2007 "Secrets of Successful Trend Forecasting" by Ray Markow from Santa Barbara Designs. Great resources and ideas on predicting art trends.

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