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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

On Art Licensing Coaches (consultants)

Art licensing coaches (consultants) are persons (many times artists and agents) that have experience and success in the art licensing industry and are willing to share their expertise with artists for a fee. They are usually hired hourly or per project basis. One-to-one sessions with the coach can be face-to-face but more likely they are over the phone with the coach looking at art on the artist's website. A coach can help the artist with all sorts of art licensing questions and decisions such as choosing the right images for particular markets, how to approach manufacturers, help with promotional and marketing materials, etc.

Below is a list of  art licensing coaches / consultants. In the early 2000's not as many were available when I hired two for individual projects and who I recommend. Cheryl Phelps did an excellent job in critiquing my art so that I could raise the quality and selection of images needed for licensing. Jeanette Smith did an excellent job in identifying and organizing my art styles and marketing materials so that my art is more appealing to licensees. Note: The reason why I've hired several coaches is that by doing so I had the opportunity to hear different information and opinions of each coach. I could then choose which information worked best for me.

art director/artist Joanne Fink
licensing consultant Jeff Grinspin (artmoid I.Q.) - for information email him at
• agent/consultant Linda Mariano (LM2 Art Marketing and Licensing)


  1. Great post and just the information I was looking for! Thanks.

  2. Hi Joan:

    Thanks for being so supportive and thanks for being such a great proponent of education about art licensing.. and thanks for particpating in all the semainrs this last week! While I was surfing I noticed this piece you posted (way back in 2009!) but i hope you'll consider adding me to the list of 'consultants' and/or 'teachers' that accompany this piece.
    Thanks.. talk to you soon. I do have a few ideas for articles you might post on your site that now I have some time to pen I would be delighted to do so..


  3. Joan, thanks for listing me as one of the consultants you recommend - I'm flattered!

    Your blog has been an amazing source of information for me, as well as many other artists. Thanks for all that you give to others!

  4. Great post and exactly what I was looking for, Thank you so much

  5. I could spend weeks on your blog.... So much valuable information here. Thank you so much for all the encouragement I am getting as well just by reading. Even Photoshop hints and step by step instruction. Awesomeness!!!!

  6. Your advice about hiring a few consultants to get various opinions really resonated with me! I just completed a consultation and learned how to present my art to be more art licensing friendly. BUT I never had the idea to solicit a few —thanks for the stellar advice. I truly appreciate.