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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Marketing Outside-the-box

After I uploaded my video "Art Inspiration & More - Cornerstone Sonoma" to youtube, I checked the internet to see if CornerStone Sonoma has a website. Yep, they do. Then I thought oh, oh I better inform them that I uploaded the video incase they object. Although, I can't think why they would because after all it's free publicity. I got a quick reply back from my email. CornerStone has no objections and more over they like the video and want to use it in the visitors center to run as a continuous loop. Of course, I said yes because it's publicity for me. My name and website is shown in the video. I didn't realize that I'd have the opportunity for publicity in an atypical way. Hmm, I wonder what other marketing outside-the- box concepts I can come up with?


  1. Your video is awesome & beautiful, Joan!

  2. Thanks for the kudos! I absolutely love my Mac and all the free software that comes with it. I created the video in iMovie from digital pics that I took at Cornerstone Sonoma. Creating slide show videos with music is SO easy in iMovie and can be uploaded to youtube while in the software.

  3. What a great idea Joan! Thanks for sharing it.

    Love, Violette