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Monday, August 10, 2009

Scrapbooking is Alive & Well

Last Friday my husband Bill and I went to a consumer Scrapbooking show to search for a digital cutter to make custom picture mattes for our miniature (dollhouse) business. All I can say is that there are still a lot of scrapbook enthusiasts because the show floor was jammed with customers as well as the workshops and crop areas. Don't ask me what crop means because I'm not a scrapbooker but whatever it is there were an amazing amount of people working diligently at tables. I didn't see much in the line of paper for scrapbooking but did see loads of embellishments for scrapbook pages. I had heard that paper sales are down because scrapbookers are creating their pages on the computer and then using glitter, ribbons, stickers, stencils etc. to embellish them.

We did find a great cutter (Klick-n-kut) but alas it is for Windows operating system only and we have a Mac. But we bought KNK anyway because it is very versatile, will cut small intricate shapes, and will even cut images created in Illustrator and Photoshop. So guess what I've struggled with the last two days? Software installation! I won't bore you with details in trying to use Windows when I am a Mac person or ALL the problems. However, the latest stumbling block is that somehow Mac's free BootCamp (allows Mac to operate Windows applications) isn't letting me get onto the internet so I can't register KNK. If I can't register it, I can only use it in the demo mode and thus can't save files etc. I called the company and unfortunately there isn't a work around. Grrrr! I have an appointment with Apple this afternoon to correct the problem - I hope. Sigh!

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  1. The KNK cutter is really for Bill's use and since I am the computer "expert" in our family I got the honor of figuring out how to use it with our Mac. The Apple Store said the problem was with the Windows OS and not an Apple problem (even though I was using Apple software to run Windows) and I would have to contact Microsoft. Double Grrrr! So I took the computer to Best Buy and paid the Geek Squad to get it up and running. Two days later I am one happy camper. It was worth every penny. They did a fantastic job and set it up similar to what we are use to with the Mac and all the special keys work! They sure weren't when I tried installing Windows. After a couple of hiccups, I got the computer to talk to the KNK cutter and now Bill can play with his new toy. I'm glad that is done!!!!!!!!