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Friday, October 9, 2009

Resource: Legal Information for Artists & Photographers

Artists MUST know all about their legal rights and the legal do's-and-don'ts when they enter into the art/photography licensing business. Attorney Joshua Kaufman of Venable LLP has written an impressive number of articles dealing with all aspects of art, photography, copyright and licensing issues. Do you want to learn about some of the key elements in a licensing agreement? Read his article "The Legalities of Licensing." Do you want to know how to choose an art lawyer? Read Joshua's article "How to Choose an Art Lawyer." Do you want to know why you should register your art with the Library of Congress? Read "Registering Your Copyright." Want to read an interesting article about a case history of what happens when someone steals your art and you have an attorney on your side? Read "Anatomy of a Copyright Infringement Case." These are just a few titles of the over 50 articles that Joshua has written. They are must reads if you are in the licensing business.

Another source of legal information is on attorney Elizabeth Russell's blog. Read "Resouce: Legal Information Blog" to find out more.

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