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Monday, October 26, 2009

Resource: Facebook - not Just for Individuals

Facebook is not only being used by individuals to keep in touch with family and friends or artists to market their art. It is also used by companies and manufacturers including some that license art. Companies have discovered that keeping in touch with their customers, finding out what they want, and listening & responding to their complaints are ways to create consumer confidence and loyalty. Not only do manufacturers like Harley-Davidson Motor Company and chain stores like Sears have facebook pages but so do manufacturers that license art such as C.R. Gibson, Yankee Candle Company, and Clothworks fabrics. You might ask, "So what?" Well, by reading their pages you will discover new product introductions, consumer response to new products, learn consumer concerns and you can even leave your own comments on their walls. This is a terrific way to learn consumers needs and art trends that can help you to license your art.

When you are in the "Pages" area of facebook, enter a company name in the search window to see if they have a facebook page or enter keywords. For instance, if you search for the word "fabrics," a list of over 200 companies pops-up. Some of them are artists, some retail stores (Hancock Fabrics, Beverly fabrics), and some manufacturers. Hint: It is easier finding manufacturers if you look at only the "Product" and "Other Business" Type as you scan the list.

You must belong to facebook (free) to search for manufacturer pages.

1 comment:

  1. wow--that's great to know. I just signed up for them. would love to hear about more. I know that Stationery trends has a page too.