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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Editorial: Color Trend that Will Stay Around Awhile

When Sears introduced their brilliant red and orange colored washing and drying machines several years ago, I thought "Oh, no the sixties and seventies are back again." I didn't think appliances in these colors would sell or last. Well I guess consumers do like NONE white, metallic and black appliances because Sears and other retail stores are still selling brightly colored washers and dryers. In fact, manufacturers have branched out into all kinds of brightly colored appliances for the kitchen (refrigerators, stoves, food processors,etc.) which ultimately influences the color of the decor. Because many of these are high ticket items, they will not be replaced soon and thus the colors of the decor will stay longer than the norm.

Recently brightly colored furniture have invaded family and living rooms. Read "High Point Market: No longer a sea of brown" where brightly colored furniture seems to be selling well. And I can envision brightly colored furniture spreading also into the bedroom. Artists, you better dig out your sixties/seventies color pallet because I think that consumers will soon be clamoring for art and art on products that compliment their brightly colored appliances and furniture!

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