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Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Product and Color Trends

I could not find internet articles about product trends for social expressions and the gift industry but there are trend articles available for other industries such as fabric, food, fashion, scrapbooking, wedding, and home remodeling. And those are the ones you should look at anyway. To predict future trends in industries you want to license your art, you need to look at trends outside those industries (where trends come from) and also at lifestyles which greatly influence them.

Many popular colors for gifts and greeting cards initially come from the fashion industry. The colors then trickle down to crafts, home decor, social expressions, and gifts. Therefore, knowing what colors will become popular years in advance helps you plan your art so that it is trend ready. Read what colors Pantone Color Institute thinks will be popular this spring for the fashion industry in "Color Trends: PANTONE Fashion Color Report Spring 2010 Splashes of Sunshine for Spring 2010."

The same thing applies to products. For instance, some artists took advantage of the prediction that the lifestyle trend for green products would be big and created art before "green" became really popular. As an example, artist Tara Reed signed a contract with a manufacturer for a 2010 calendar called "Make this a Green Year." She finished and delivered the art a year before it was published last July. Now that is planning ahead and taking advantage of a future trend!

Caution! The prediction of trends can be fickle and some artists have found that manufacturers do not necessarily want what trend experts believe will be the latest trend. Read "An Editorial on Color Trends." Also trend predictions are not infallible. Some are correct and others not.

Below are links to trend articles that may give you ideas for creating trend forward art.

What was selling at the 2009 summer CHA show. Even though this is not a prediction for 2010, it is still informative to know what was selling in 2009 and may still be popular beyond 2009. "Top Product Trends from CHA-Summer 2009 - Scrapbook trends of 2009"

Green trends for home remodeling. "Green Product Trends"

2010 trend design prediction published in 2008. Were they correct? You make the decision. "Spring/Summer 2010 Trend Inspiration From Mudpie's Latest Trendbooks"

Fabric Trend magazine. "Fabric Trends for Quilters"

What restaurant diners will look for in 2010. "2010 Product Preview: What's Next? "

Food trends in Europe. "Top Ten EC New Product Trends"

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