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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Resource: Video Marketing

More and more manufacturers, trade shows, art licensing consultants, artists, and agents are using videos to showcase their services and products. And where are they posting them besides their websites and blogs? They are posting them on of course. Consumers are really receptive to viewing videos on the computer. They will even watch advertisements because this type of advertising is non intrusive, usually lasts less than three minutes, and can be stopped on demand. I've only scratched the surface in searching the millions of youtube videos for subjects relating to art licensing. Below is a list of a few so that you can get a flavor on how videos are used to market products, art, and services for art licensing.

1. Home Accents Today's Channel. There are approximately 30 videos of different manufacturers showing their products. This is a great way to see products and trends from a variety of manufactures but unfortunately not many of them license art.

2. National Stationery Show (June 29, 2009). By watching this video, you can get a snapshot of some of the manufacturers booths and the exhibitor's impression of the show.

3. List of videos from a search of the keywords "National Stationery Show." You can search other key words on such as art licensing, trade shows etc. to find subjects that interest you.

4. Art of Possibility Studios with art licensing agent Ketra Oberlander showcasing her artists art for licensing.

5. J'net "What it takes to succeed in Licensing." One of several videos about some phase of art licensing given by Jeanette Smith.

6. Tara Reed on "Art Licensing - Beginners Basics." This video advertises a teleseminar recording on the basics of art licensing. Tara has many videos on youtube that advertises her products.

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