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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Art Licensing: Update on Adult Coloring Craze

Last year adult coloring books went viral because press releases in magazines, television, and the Internet promoted that it is very therapeutic to reduce stress by coloring pictures. Also, Dover Publications, who has been publishing adult coloring books since 1970, sponsored a National Coloring Book Day, that is officially observed now on August 2 each year. All the hype resulted in thousands of adult coloring books being published by numerous companies and the formation of coloring book clubs and parties. Read "What's With the Adult Coloring Book Craze?' for more information about the adult coloring book hype.

Coloring books are so popular that some companies include a coloring book with their products as an incentive to purchase the products. Many Internet sites offer coloring pages that can be downloaded at no cost. And, a pdf file of a 92 page coloring book “Enjoy the Simple things: A Holiday Coloring Book for kids 1 to 92” with art created by 70 artist members of the art licensing community, Art Licensing, can be downloaded at no cost.

 In 2015 when the adult coloring books suddenly became so popular, many people wondered if it was only a fad and would soon disappear. But, so far it is still going strong. Helping it to prosper is the evolution of adult coloring becoming more than just a therapeutic way of releasing stress. It is also becoming an integral part of creativity and the ability to customize and personalize products for gifts that is very popular with consumers. All sorts of paper products for gifts are available to color besides coloring books such as calendars, greeting cards, postcards, bookmarks, etc. Also are drawings on non-paper products made to be colored such as on tote bags, sweatshirts, t-shirts, caps, tumblers, jig-saw puzzles, signs, Christmas ornaments, boxes, pillows, stickers, etc

Maybe Adult Coloring will not only be a fad but also become a trend as more products become available!

Below is a resource list of manufacturers that license drawings suitable for coloring. Read "What's With the Adult Coloring Book Craze?' for an additional list of companies that license drawings for adult coloring books.

Darice (coloring books)

Evergreen Enterprises (ceramic travel cups)

Harvest House (coloring books)

Lang (coloring books, jig-saw puzzles,note cards, greeting cards, calendars, infuser tumblers)
Note: View the on-line catalog.

Leisure Arts (coloring books)

Peter Pauper Press (coloring books)

Primitives by Kathy (signs and pillows)

Sellers Publishing / RSVP (coloring books, cards, calendars)
Note: Thanks artist Peggy Jo Ackley for sharing this company :)

The Peel People (stickers to color for placement on all kinds of surfaces)

Wellspring (coloring books and paper products)

White Mountain Puzzles (jig-saw puzzles)

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Joan. Very helpful.

  2. Hi Joan, Please add Sellers Publishing to your list. I have created 2 books (with a 3rd on the way) plus coloring cards and 3 different coloring calendars for them. Thanks! -Peggy Jo Ackley

    1. Congratulations Peggy Jo! Thanks for sharing the information of another company that licenses drawings for adult coloring products :)

  3. I always appreciate the time you spend on providing such valuable information here on your "artful" blog, Joan. Glad to know the coloring book craze isn't going away yet. I'm working on my second coloring book. The first is on Amazon and in June received the Best Seller banner.

  4. Thank you for sharing in my excitement, Joan.
    Happy Heart Designing. Smile.

  5. I also applaud your blog Joan. Being an old line art fan I love the Coloring Book craze. Thank you for all your time and continued information.