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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Art Licensing: Avoid Spam Trigger Words in Emails

Corresponding via Email is the number one method in contacting persons in the art licensing industry. And, if those Emails end up in the recipients junk folder instead of their inbox, possible licensing consideration of art and important information may never be seen. Thus, it is important to know the words that should be avoided in the subject line and in the content of the Email that will trigger it as spam. Spam filters constantly change and depends on the recipients Email gatekeeper. As stated in "Spam Filters: The Truth about Email Marketing Gatekeepers", they block not only words but also symbols, writing in all caps, aggressively urgent language and especially trigger words in subject lines.

Some spam words are innocuous such as now, never, success, sample, deal, hello while others are more obviously as spam such as free, earn $, income, get, urgent. It is impossible to avoid all the words on spam lists when writing Emails. One word will not trigger it as spam but it will if the Email is over loaded with too many or the same word or phase is repeated too many times. Also avoid sending Emails with only a few words, or only a link to a website, or only one picture because spammers constantly do it. And, most importantly focus on the subject line of the Email. Avoid spam words but make sure it is engaging so that the recipient will read it. Below are links to lists of spam trigger words.

Spam Trigger Words
• "The Ultimate List of Email SpamTrigger Words"

• "Common words that trigger spam filters"

• "Spam Filters: The Truth about Email Marketing Gatekeepers"

• "A List of Common Spam Words"

Note: There are online tools that analyze Email content to test for spam trigger words. I have not used them because they require you to enter your Email address. I am leery that I may get spam if I give them my Email address since many are selling Email marketing services. But, if you are interested, checkout "Top Sites about: Spam Checkers."

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  1. Joan - I have learned so much from you - I never even thought of this! YOU ROCK! Thanks a million :-)

  2. Good topic for those of us using direct email marketing. Thanks. Patti

  3. I wonder how many of my emails wind up as JUNK...excellent point!