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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Art Licensing: Using Retailer Facebook Sites to Learn Consumer Buying Preferences

The ultimate client of an art licensor (artist) is the consumer of products. And one way to discover the products and type of art on products that mass market consumers purchase is to read articles and comments posted on chain-store Facebook sites. Retailers have found that Facebook is a great method to connect with their customers. The retailer's goal is to post news on their site that appeal to their customers so they will constantly return. Thus, retailers may show new product introductions, offer reduced prices on products, do giveaways, have contests, post recipes, write inspiring articles, or how-to-do its.

All this information is useful in learning about consumers and their purchasing interests.The more information that an artist has about consumer spending and lifestyles the better educated the artist is in creating licensable art. It does take time to read posts on Facebook but that is part of the art licensing business. It is not just about creating art.

Below is a list of some chain-store Facebook sites. At the present most retailers are concentrating on back-to-school and end-of-summer products. Pick out several retailer Facebook sites and periodically check back as the seasons change. Read the posts by the retailer and comments by consumers. Ask yourself some questions about the sites. What type of products and articles are the retailers focusing on? Are they just trying to sell product that the consumer is not interested in or are they showing product that is selling? What is the response from consumers? Can you spot any trends for a particular retailer or among retailers? How can you apply what you learned from the sites to creating new licensable art?

Chain-store Facebook sites
Bed Bath & Beyond
Big 5 Sporting Goods
Big Lots
Dollar General
JC Penney
Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores
Lowe's Home Improvement
Michaels Stores
Pet Smart

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