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Monday, May 14, 2012

Art Licensing Resource: Summer 2012 Digital Editions of Art Licensing Publications

The digital edition of three art licensing publications (Art Buyer, Art & Design Licensing Source Book, Total Art Licensing; all published in the UK) have recently been released just in time for Surtex and the International Licensing Expo. The publications showcase the work of US and European artists and include informative articles about licensing art. They are also a wonderful resource for viewing what type of themes and images artists feel are licensable and on trend. Because many US art trends seem to come from Europe, it is a good opportunity to see what kind of images that European artists are creating. Note: The Art & Design Licensing Source Book publication features the work of more European artists than the other two publications.

The three recently released digital publications are:

Total Art Licensing Summer 2012

Art Buyer Spring Summer 2012

Art & Design Licensing Source Book Summer 2012

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  1. THANKS...did not know of these publications...great resource if I ever find time, how much time do you set aside for these research?

  2. Judith - I am working full time on licensing my work which involves creating art, learning everything I can about the art licensing industry and sharing much of what I learn with others by writing about it on my blog. Many times it is more than a 40 hour a week. I probably spend a third of my time researching and writing articles & I love it! Joan

  3. Joan,

    Thanks so much for all those licensing resources. One can certainly get a good idea of the fine competiton for attention and contracts. Enlightening.

  4. HI Joan,
    i have a question that you may have a thought about:
    i was reading the Licensing Source Book from the link above, and yes, most of it is UK based. Do you think these agents work with US artists? there are so many agents in the magazine, do you think it's worth it to contact them?
    Thanks again, great posts as usual.

  5. Many UK agents do work with US artists so do contact them if you think your art is a good fit for their agency.