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Monday, July 5, 2010

Art Licensing: Achieving Brand Recognition - both art & artist

Many articles have been written on how to gain brand recognition and each article tells different ways to achieve it. Suggestions include that you need to have unique art, a logo, a domain name, a website, social media (blog, twitter,facebook), belong to organizations, network, participate in charities, etc. You also need to market your work which could be by advertising, doing press releases, write (articles, newsletters, e-books), exhibit at licensing shows, make videos, get your art onto products, etc. In the past, it was believed that you need to market only your art but now branding experts believe that the best way to optimize brand recognition is to not only market your art but also yourself.

The following gives links to articles on branding and marketing art (first section) and yourself (second section). Read and use all the information in the articles to form your own branding strategy that you find feasible to implement.

Marketing and Branding Your Art
There seems to be many ways to achieve brand recognition but in all of them your art must be
1. easily recognizable by style, color pallet, and/or theme(s),
2. somehow emit an emotional response ( how cute, how beautiful, how clever, I can relate to that, etc.), and
3. that it very visibility in order to achieve brand recognition. And having visibility means that you need to market your art in not just one way but numerous ways.

Read the article by art agent Eric Kuskey of Creative Brands Group in "Eight Steps to Become an Art Brand" to learn basic information on becoming an art brand. And, to find different opinions on marketing to achieve brand recognition of your art read the following five articles.

"Branding Art: from Surf Boards to Greeting Cards" - Kate Harper's interview with licensing director Marie Brophy of artist Drew Brophy's art.

"The Top 10 Art Marketing Strategies - Brand Recognition" by Juzer S Kimti

"Creative Branding Solutions - So Why Do I Need a Logo?" by Ray Oswald

"Art Business Marketing and Branding Ideas - Tips to Marketing Your Art Via YouTube" by Ahmad Austin

"5 Ways Improve Art Marketing Using the Power of Social Media" by Lori Mcnee

Marketing and Branding Yourself
Consumers are more willing to purchase products with art by the artist that they recognize than those they do not. By branding yourself besides your art, clients (manufacturers, retailers and ultimately the consumers) form a relationship with you. And those connections can enhance the purchase of product with your art. That surely works for artists Thomas Kincaid and Mary Englebreit. Both of those artists have been licensing their art for many years and they still have loyal followers. Below are links to several articles that discusses personnel branding.

"The Definition of Online Personal Branding and How it Can Help You" by Mark Montova. This article is not just for artists but the information discussed can be easily translated for use by you.

"Brand Yourself As an Artist on Twitter" by Lori Mcnee. According to the article, using twitter is one of the quickest ways to build brand recognition.

This article was updated 7/17/18.

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  1. Fantastic article Joan! Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful list of resources, information and insight about branding for artists.

  2. Oh I can't read all these now so I am going to bookmark this and come back to study. What a great source of resources you are, Joan. Thank you so much!

    Patricia C Vener
    (Come visit my newly redesigned website and see my branding come together)