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Monday, June 7, 2010

Licensing Designs to the Melamine / Acrylic Tabletop Industry

One facet of the tabletop industry (products for the table) are products made of melamine (dishes, bowls, trays) and acrylic (glasses, pitchers) plastic. Years ago plastic products were used mainly for children's dishes and picnics because they were very durable and unbreakable. In the last several years with the popularity of casual entertaining and outdoor living, melamine and acrylic product usage has expanded.  Bright fiesta solid color melamine tabletop is still used for picnics and whimsical art themes are still used for children. But now art with brightly colored, pastel colored, and unsaturated colored themes for parties, holidays, and home d├ęcor are also sought by melamine and acrylic manufacturers.

To compete in this industry, artists need to research what kind of art "each" manufacturer wants and what product shapes they produce. Then they need to create collections and format the art to approximately fit the product shapes such as icons and borders for acrylic glasses, rectangular shaped art for multi-shaped serving dishes, round and square art for dishes, etc. Also notice if the manufacturer produces other products besides melamine. The artist may also be able to license her/his art for these if the collection is cohesive enough. And remember, a good marketing plan is to create mock-ups for marketing materials sent to the manufacturer. For more information on collections and mock-ups read the articles located under the Topics section listed as Art Collections /Mockups. Hint: If a manufacturer does not show many examples of their products on their website, google their name plus the word "melamine" to find retail stores carrying their products.

Melamine and Acrylic tabletop manufacturers normally want art that:
1. is in themes and colors that are popular with consumers such as this years grapes/wine, flowers, and coastal. But remember trends change and what is popular this year may not be popular next year.
2. is in collections.
3. the artist is willing to edit and add art to the manufacturer specifications.

Melamine/ Acrylic Tabletop Manufacturer List
Design-Design (artist guidelines)

Gibson Overseas

Keller Charles (no website)
2413 Federal St.
Philadelphia, PA, United States 19146
Tel: (215) 732-2614

Magpie Marketing Inc.

Merritt International (artist guidelines)

Read more articles about manufacturers under the Topics section on the side bar.

I welcome any comments and additions to the manufacturer list. Please click on comments to open the window to write your comment.


  1. I just want to say Thank You. You information and insight into this industry IS really priceless to someone who is a beginner. Much appreciated.

  2. Great article Joan!! Thank you so much for sharing with all of us :) I just started working on some mock-ups for tableware and this is great information - THANK YOU!