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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Templates for Product-Mockups - 2 Great Packages Now Available

You don't have to search any longer for templates to create product mock-ups because two great products are now available. Industry leaders Tara Reed and J'net Smith have each recently introduced packages of template mock-ups that are ready to showcase your art. If I was in the market to purchase mock-up templates, I would purchase both of these packages. Each offers great information that I think compliments each other. Information about the two packages is below. Note: The reason why I am not planning on purchasing these packages is because I already have a slew of mock-up templates that I have created. Although, I am really tempted!

Tara Reed has introduced "Product Mock-UP Magic." The package is composed of 46 Photoshop files with professional photographs of stationery, tabletop and gift industry templates on a CD. Included are nine video tutorials with more than two hours of instructions in applying art/patterns to the mock-ups.

J'net Smith has introduced "PCLS Collections and Presentations Package with 107 Product Template!" This e-book has 107 product templates, instructions on how to apply designs to the templates, and articles on how to create marketable collections and develop art licensing presentations for eight essential licensing categories.

Update:  A third mockup template product is available.  Read "Templates for Product Mockups - Another Great Package Available."   And to see a comparison of all three packages, read "Product Mock-up Templates & comparison of template packages."     

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